Moving mountains in the world of hairloss.

Founded by Joe, a former client turned into a leading Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) specialist and hair transplant consultant for a top UK clinic, Hairlusion offers transformative hair solutions fueled by personal experience and dedication to excellence.

Joe’s expertise extends to working closely with an NHS-affiliated clinic, ensuring the highest standards of quality and professionalism in every project. With a focus on client satisfaction and innovation, Hairlusion delivers exceptional results with compassion and care.

Joe's Journey.

“Transforming my mistakes into your valuable lessons.” I’ve built a career around a treatment that not only saved me but also gave me the opportunity to assist others struggling with the emotional toll of hair loss. Scalp Micropigmentation is undoubtedly the most powerful and rewarding skill in my skill set. Each client has their own unique hair loss story, and I have the privilege of guiding them through the transformative journey of SMP, alleviating their hair loss concerns along the way.


At Hairlusion, we’re a dedicated team, and I’d like to introduce you to two exceptional members.

Together, Lulu and Charlotte represent Hairlusion, bringing their expertise, passion, and dedication to everything they do. We’re incredibly grateful to have them on our team, and their contributions play a significant role in our continued success.

Picture of Lulu
Introducing Lulu, our Social Media and Marketing Manager, Online Course Manager, and Educator, who, at 38, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. With a passion for creativity and innovation, she’s instrumental in elevating Hairlusion’s online presence and brand visibility. Lulu also oversees our online courses, sharing her knowledge and expertise as an educator.
Picture of Charlotte
And then there’s Charlotte, our Educator and Online Course Manager, who, at 35, has been an indispensable part of Hairlusion for many years. With 19 years of experience running a successful family beauty business alongside Lulu, Charlotte possesses invaluable insights into thriving in the industry. Like Lulu, she manages our online courses and ensures our team members are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for success.


Regain fuller, healthier hair, today. The collaboration between Hairlusion and Manual marks a groundbreaking fusion of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and Minoxidil Pills, forming a comprehensive approach to hair restoration. With SMP’s ability to create a natural-looking hairline and enhance density instantly, complemented by the internal stimulation of hair growth from Manual’s Minoxidil Pills, clients receive a dual solution addressing both cosmetic and physiological aspects of hair loss. This partnership ensures not only immediate aesthetic enhancements but also long-term regrowth, offering clients the best of both worlds in their hair restoration journey.

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